Hello my name is Evan Balster and this is my very official homepage, please make yourself comfortable

At one point I looked like this

I make software, games, stories and music.

My main project is this thing called imitone. It's a composing tool that transforms your voice into any instrument.

I'm also helping out with a Very Weird Thing called SoundSelf.

Sometimes I contribute to TiddlyWiki, an excellent open-source note-taking tool.

A call myself an "amateur" because I let my interests dictate my work, and somehow I make a living at that.
I make games because I'm excited about what they can be. Along the way I seem to build a lot of creative tools.

I enjoy tea, playing the accordion, bicycling and spending twelve hours a day in front of a laptop.
I have a surreal sense of humor. In person I seem very energetic and spontaneous. When I'm alone I'm very somber.
Does that mean I'm a disingenuous person?

You can bug me on twitter or see my code on GitHub.

I'm probably not open for contract work unless it's something small and really cool.